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The National Cancer Institute’s Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) will launch its first phase III study of a biomarker in the next few months.

Designed to evaluate microsatellite instability as a marker for recurrent bladder cancer, the multicenter collaboration is expected to become the first of many that will emerge in the coming years from the network’s wide-ranging consortium of biomarker discovery and validation laboratories.

In the absence of a sensitive standard for detecting cytosine methylation, it is uncertain whether a positive assay is truly or falsely positive.

This has temporarily sidetracked the development of hypermethylation as a lung cancer biomarker, but Tockman said the fact that a consortium of scientists is tackling the problem jointly will smooth the way for the future.“When we find something that’s potentially very exciting, like the hypermethylation assay, it’s critical to understand how to validate it, to assure ourselves that what we are finding is clinically relevant,” he said.

Starting out with random “guesses” as to which condition the case represents, the computer gradually learns to distinguish them as the researchers correct its mistakes.

to see whether some of the protein peaks clearly distinguish cases from controls, and then identify what those markers really are” through immune-based assays.

One potential ovarian cancer biomarker that Cramer and co-workers have identified this way is alpha-haptoglobin, for which they have developed a serum ELISA assay that can sort cases from controls.“When we pulled out this protein and sequenced it, we discovered there had been several things written about it for ovarian cancer,” Cramer said, but this line of research apparently had been dropped.

The resulting patterns of protein expression combined with bioinformatics tools are being applied for early detection.

This method is also used to detect and analyze individual proteins. D., heads an EDRN clinical and epidemiological center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, which is focused on ovarian cancer detection.“Our main interest is in using SELDI as a discovery tool ...

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