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There is one minor downside to the Ring Video Doorbell 2 installation process, and that's to do with actual placement.Because it operates off your home Wi-Fi, signal strength is a genuine concern, but the only real way to work out optimal placement is to install it and test how well it really works.The Ring Video Doorbell 2 features a 1080p camera with both heat and infrared sensors on board to detect motion within its 160-degree field of vision, although you can restrict that down within the app if there are areas that are likely to trigger lots of false positives.I have a shared driveway, so I quickly disabled one far zone in the Ring's viewpoint to stop my neighbour's car constantly setting the Ring Video Doorbell 2 off.Ring recommends moving your router if feasible, and that's got to be preferable to drilling extra holes in your external walls, but for some folks, that's not always going to be possible.

Quick Verdict Ring's second generation video doorbell is easy to install and keep charged, and is one of the simplest home security solutions we've tested, although it is worth checking your home broadband speed before purchasing.While it always recorded, I did hit a few instances where the app couldn't connect to the Ring doorbell, and pretty clearly the low upload speed was at fault.Switching to a 4G LTE hotspot made an immense difference in video quality and connection speed, and clearly, anyone on an NBN connection above the baseline 12/1Mbps speed would also be at a huge advantage.That's a slight downer if you're keen to play with your new video doorbell, but once it's done you can get on with installing it on a suitable surface.Here Ring has covered just about every possibility, with two optional angular plates to affix it to wooden exteriors, as well as plug screws if you're attaching it to a brick surface.

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That may relate to the mesh network and Chime Pro not playing well together, and your experience may vary, but I'd suggest that Chime Pro buyers keep the receipt for a quick return in case it doesn't improve their Wi-Fi.

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