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The best part of the show is probably all the different characters who happen to be friends.

This usually leads to funny moments during the show.

The thriller is BBC Three's biggest success so far since making the switch to a web-only channel, but Marnie told Radio Times the story outline was "very finite"."I did imagine this as a very finite story in terms of Ivy’s story and her family because hopefully, as you watch it all, by episode five it pays off," she said.“But of course when you spend all your time with those characters and you are lucky to get incredible people like Jodie involved you do feel it would be nice to go back and write more.”Asked outright if fans can expect more, she clarified: “I don’t think I will [write a second series], no. The Thirteen finale is online on BBC Three now, while BBC Two - which is a week-and-a-half behind - will air the penultimate instalment at 10pm on Thursday.

The third series of closed on a downbeat note: Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) cheated on Ross with suave, sight-impaired Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse) – and while he might suspect something's off, officially her infidelity remains a secret... While his personal life may be in tatters, Ross's career is about to take an interesting new turn. Filming again took place across the South West of England – in Cornwall, of course, but also Bristol - with some additional shooting in London.

He's finally going to embrace his role as the people's hero and pursue a career in politics to take down the likes of horrid George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) from within the belly of the beast. has jumped all about the schedule – its first outing came in the spring of 2015, with a second series following in the autumn of 2016.

With series 4 not scheduled to begin shooting till September, series 3 wasn't able to offer the same.

Instead, we were treated to a brief, specially-made teaser casting Ross against the backdrop of Westminster – hinting that we may see a number of scenes set (as well as filmed) in London.

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