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The list of suspects includes the camp owner, in a business dispute with Cole; a rock star teaching at the camp, resentful over being forced to play with Cole; a fellow camper who ruined his marriage thanks to a prank Cole played on him; and another camper who slept with Cole and later stole his guitar, the murder weapon.At the end of the day, though, the killer didn’t have a tangible motive — he was just furious that a rich poseur had such a great guitar, and private lessons with a rock star. Booth and Brennan: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I got the sense from the dozens upon dozens of furious comments about the last episode that you guys aren’t psyched about the Booth/Cat Fish situation.A daredevil missing a testicle is found in a hotel’s washing machine.Cam: “So the guy with one gonad actually had balls.” Ha!Campbell said, "When the idea came about to create this crossover event for fans, our writers' room was immediately energized."The creative freedom to merge these two worlds which, at face value, seem so different; but at their core have such striking similarities – mystery, intrigue and methodical deduction, wrapped up in such strong character partnerships – was a challenge that we all welcomed, and we believe that fans of both series will be very satisfied by the result."Campbell also dished that he is eager to see fan reactions to the two shows coming together.

Cam mentions Hacker, whom Brennan says she likes, but not like Booth- “I mean … Cam promises that Brennan isn’t outside the laws of nature, and I love Brennan’s uniquely cynical and hopeful response: “Then, in ignorance I await my own surprise.And given what we know about the characters, it makes sense that this is a slow process.Hang in there, guys, and continue reading to see me stretch my optimism practically to the breaking point…Ichabod and Abbie need advanced forensic help and expertise to stop him and turn to Brennan and Booth to unlock 18th century secrets using 21st century science.Executive producer of Bones, Michael Peterson linked the mash-up to Fox's The X-Files.

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Realizing that they are after the same evidence, they team up to solve the mystery.

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