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At a glance, it would appear AMC is taking a big risk with its only huge commercial success.

, based on a series of graphic novels, attracted an astonishing 5.3 million viewers when it premiered on Halloween.

♦♦♦ A source on creator Matthew Weiner has been abundantly documented and concluded with Weiner getting million per season for up to three more seasons and AMC getting more commercial time.

The fracas didn't burnish any reputations with the public.

The battles have been about money, but in this case, at least, it was more of a slow burn than a sudden flare-up.

"He's brilliant, and we want him there." EXCLUSIVE: ' Walking Dead': AMC Execs Fly to Set, Fired Showrunner Frank Darabont Shops New Series According to an insider, many members of the cast and crew feel the same way.

"It feels like they don't have the experience of being on top," one fumes.

"They're total ball-busters, and that pisses people off." But being on top can be more about perception than profit.

Now sources involved with Breaking Bad are venting displeasure with the network.

One says AMC could have dealt with Breaking Bad in a more timely and collaborative manner and come to an easier resolution, adding, "You hate when it comes down to the point where it gets stupid." Laments a producer on one of the signature shows: "AMC may have had too much success too soon, and they think they know how to do it.

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