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Kev Jumba (Kevin Wu) is one of the top You Tube comedy stars to date (no doubt, the top You Tube star in Davis.) As an entering Art Major (now Communications Major) a part the UC Davis class of 2012, Kevin gained notoriety for his You Tube channel which began during his high school years.

It is said that much of Kevin's humor is built around his Asian identity with his traditional Asian father playing a major role in his videos.

Kevjumba passed by me on his bike and gave me a dirty look for no reason when I made eye contact with him.

He once walked into our Queer Studies class on accident, and when he found out it was "Queer Studies" he started acting real rude.

He is of American Nationality but Taiwanese ethnicity.

Check out our recent profiles on Wong Fu Productions, Dumbfoundead, Megan Lee, David Choi, Ryan Higa, Just Kidding Films and Clara Chung Thank goodness for high school stress, or we might have never met the smooth-talking comic Kevin Wu …Now, I’m not afraid to share embarrassing stuff about myself in my videos.Some bonus gastroenterological advice from his mom that Wu recently Tweeted here.Also he's not the most friendly nor humble fellow to stumble upon in Davis.Rumor has it, that he transfered to UCLA, because of the strong discontent with his overall attitude.

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