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Every decision I make, everything I do is for her and with her in mind.

It’s like so much gets put into perspective when you become a mother and I have a new found respect for all my fellow mamas out there.

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, but Layla Kayleigh has recently taken on a new role: Mom!The sale is on Saturday, May 12th from 7am until 12noon. It is a family friendly event, with over 40 vendors. He was last seen on the evening of April 24th on Ash Valley Avenue in Barrhaven. Our services range from: - House cleaning - Laundry Services (Dry Cleaning) - Grocery Shopping - Cooking (Meal Prep) - Personal Driving Services ... Depending on model, Bach - 5; 1 Bd- 95 2 Bd - 65. Carefully constructed to suit its unique location and views.), check out Layla’s first blog entry in the extended post and share your questions and comments below. I never thought in a million years a love like that could even exist.And I couldn’t imagine my life without her little pretty face looking back at me.

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Some say just get through the first three months, they’re the hardest.

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