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We are sure both applicants and audiences are going to love changes made in Miss India 2018 format.

However before proceeding for registration it is important to understand eligibility criteria and other documents required for registration which have been discussed in detail below. The above conditions are the eligibility criteria which should be met by an applicant to get themselves registered for Miss India contest.She’s the girl whose goodness, will make you feel bad about yourself. To the ones who analyze themselves, wondering what is wrong when you’re only doing your best. And to those people who consider taking on the challenge, this is what you should expect. This is the girl who thrives based on her sensitivity. You’ll look in her eyes and you’ll question if she’s real. If you ever say anything mean, she won’t add to the conversation. She has taught you to see things and see the good in things.An unkind word will ruin her day, because she doesn’t utter mean words. She’ll overthink these things, and get through it by embracing pain and walking away from it. While you might be livid, for someone treating her badly, she isn’t. More than that, see where you can make things better. Oblivious is a word you can use…She’ll carelessly lives her life as she has, helping others, loving others and seeking good in everyone and everything.The candidates selected in the previous state auditions get eligible to participate in their respective zone state crowning ceremony.In each of the state crowning, in total of 30 state representatives are selected as the finalist of the FBB Femina Miss India 2018.

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It is essential for the candidate to be of 18 to 25 years of age. The candidate should have height of at least 5’5” inches or above. Once the criteria are met, following personal documents would be required for moving ahead in the registration process.

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