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"But I think at this point, everyone's very comfortable with 12 seasons being the time to go home and see our families," he added.

But prior to the season 11 finale, best-selling author Neil Gaiman will appear as himself in the show's upcoming episode that will be aired by CBS on Thursday, April 19.

" alum Lauren Lapkus, and renowned magician Teller.

NBC remains mum about the details surrounding their roles, but it can be expected to see them appear as guests to the long-awaited waiting.

Sheldon upon reuniting with his brother made it clear he was only there because their mother Mary threatened to boycott the wedding if he did not extend an invite.

The theoretical physicist explained his reluctance to invite his brother to his fiancée Amy [Mayim Bialik].

The older brother of the child prodigy now goes by George and dressed in tight jeans, cowboy boots.

Scenes from the big day were later shown in a teaser, including a guest spot from another screen legend, Star Wars hero Mark Hamill.

I know life has been hard for you, but that don't mean it's been easy for the rest of us,' George told him.'I'm sorry,' Sheldon finally told him, clearly heartfelt.

This could mean that the gang will be divided next episode.

Lauren Lapkus and Patrick Daniel will also appear in the episode as Denise and Grant, respectively.

According to the synopsis for the upcoming episode titled "The Comet Polarization," Sheldon's experiences in a comic book store will be altered after Neil Gaiman improves the popularity of Stuart's (Kevin Sussman).

On the other hand, the gang's friendship will be on the rocks after Raj (Kunal Nayyar) takes the credit for his friend Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) recent major astronomical discovery.

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