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Influencing yourself to be yourself and not worry about what anyone thinks of you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.When listeners email me to tell me how much I have impacted their life, it blows me away and touches my heart on so many levels. Side note: I think many people may be surprised to know that almost half of my listeners are male.After dating an Athletic, Basketball Player she also tried out Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg.Trina shared her relationship with Kenyon Martin that ended when the basketball player started cheating on her. He has been seen with Paula Deanda and it was all over Tmz..Lil Wayne and Trina did date about 3 years ago for about 1 year.Being negative doesn’t solve anything, so why even go there?!Fly off somewhere I have never been before (close enough that I wouldn’t use up the whole day on the plane).

Whenever someone gets on the “Negative Nancy” train, I quickly interject with a positive perspective. There is always a silver lining and being a positive person just makes life better and more enjoyable in every way!

I know this may be an odd answer, but I would have to say myself.

I have had the biggest influence on myself because everything I talk about is from my life experience.

After overseeing Digital Sales for CBS New York and CBS Philly for 5 years, he left in 2016 to launch Top

Currently building out a premiere digital audio agency focused on people based marketing tactics, he previously consulted for audio Boom, a podcast network with over 180 shows.

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She detailed about her side of the story saying she was in such a point of life where she saw herself being someone`s wife (Kenyon) but Kenyon just wanted a hot girlfriend. Trina`s recent dates include French Montana (2012-2014).

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