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Translation: No chance she’d have to share a house with Jake, last season’s “Bachelor” who chose Vienna — then fell out spectacularly with her within weeks of the show’s end.

To say Vienna was enraged to see Jake walk through the mansion doors in the show’s first episode this week is an understatement. VH1 is interested in creating a show for Vienna and Kasey, according to an insider there.

Emperor Lothaire I, son of the Carolingian Emperor Louis I "the Pious" became king of Lotharingia under the division of imperial territories agreed by the treaty of Verdun 11 Aug 843.

The newly created kingdom covered a wide strip of land which stretched from the North Sea coast southwards to Italy, and included present-day Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany west of the river Rhine, the French provinces of Alsace, Lorraine, Burgundy and Provence, Switzerland and parts of northern Italy, as well as the imperial cities of Aachen, Pavia and Rome.

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  1. En 2001, lors de sa dernière année à l'université, elle obtient le rôle de Becky Thatcher dans la pièce Les Aventures de Tom Sawyer à Broadway, puis se retrouve face à Liam Neeson dans The Crucible.