Women dating men with money

Their voices were heard and now they deserve to know whether and when their wishes will be realized.Here at Women On 20s we were thrilled to learn recently that a rare and valuable photographic portrait has been discovered picturing a young Harriet Tubman in her earliest years of freedom from slavery.

What we do in the next 48 hours could make all the difference in the world.The President elect's chief of staff Reince Priebus reportedly joked recently that the President-elect might one day grace the bill instead of Tubman.Thank goodness our Founding Fathers saw fit to rule that no living person could be featured in the portraits on our paper bills. After more than a year of campaigning to convince the U. Treasury to replace the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the bill with the face of a female American hero, Women On 20s is ready to claim victory, but only if Secretary Lew commits to issuing the new bill alongside the by 2020.In recent days reliable sources were telling us we wouldn’t see the redesigned until 2030.Assuming this is true, we see today’s announcement as only a vague commitment and a continuation of the now familiar message that women have to settle for less and wait for their fair share.” Download the Press Release Sunday, April 17 -- We’d like to take credit for what seems like a great victory for our cause to get a woman on the bill. Two minor bills -- the and the -- with barely discernible images of women on their back sides, and the promise of replacing the slave trading, Indian killing Jackson with a woman on the fifteen years down the road is not the suffrage centennial celebration we were looking for.

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