Workplace dating pros and cons

In their approach to change, organizations have primarily focused on using better systems and frameworks, in an effort to provide a kind of scaffolding to support change.

However, systems and frameworks do not in themselves create a sufficiently strong and stable platform for change to take hold and work.

Speakers: Moderator: Harold Takooshian is Professor of Psychology & Urban Studies at Fordham University, and Director of its Organizational Leadership Program. You can register now by clicking on the button at the end of the bio.

Presenter: Melissa Woroschinski Search is a New York City businesswoman, an honors student and researcher at Fordham University. Despite businesses investing over billion in change management systems, frameworks, and skills each year in the US alone, change efforts repeatedly fail.

Will AI replace or enhance the 100-year old science of predicting future job performance from psychological variables?

He was born and raised in the Villa Freud district of Buenos Aires, but spent most of his professional career in London, and lives in Brooklyn now. Join us to hear early career and senior practitioners discuss the knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics that employers are seeking and how they go about identifying suitable candidates.

In addition, hear about the latest trends in the job market and the ins and outs of the job search from recent job seekers.

Event Details: Manhattan has long been a world center for psychological science and practice as well as for commerce.

How much do we know about the remarkably rich history of I-O psychology in Manhattan?

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About Michel Buffet: Michel leads YSC’s Leadership Resilience practice in the Americas and delivers a wide array of leadership strategy solutions to organizations.

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