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Bert was still kicking himself for being lured into signing such a ridiculous contract.

He'd assured his solicitor that he knew what he was doing and now he had no one but himself to blame.

He was busy scanning the sports page and didn't immediately notice anything amiss. Bert strolled over cautiously, grabbing a letter opener on the way.

He probably would have just strolled straight to his office and slammed the door, if it hadn't been for an odd sound. The sound stopped and he turned to continue in the direction he'd started, when he heard it again. But somehow he knew that mice weren't the source of the noise. Seconds passed and then there was a soft noise, like a cat meowing."Hello? He grasped the handle and held the opener over his head like a dagger. The reason he couldn't be sure it was Rebecca Cranston, was because someone had thoroughly restrained the woman.

Rings of the white hemp crushed her arms at wrists, mid-forearm and elbows.

The last cinch actually forcing her elbows to touch. Bertram's eyes followed the individual cords wrapped around her ankles (noting that one of her stylish, 3" heeled shoes had dropped off, exposing the stocking'd, sexy arch of her foot), up to where they merged at her elbow cinch.

Her jacket had been bunched back off her shoulders, revealing her crisp, collared silk blouse.

3/8" cotton rope indented the blouse in several spots on her torso.

The way it depressed her flesh and cleaved the panties inside her, it must have been VERY tight.The woman's identity was hidden, thanks to the canvas currency bag encasing her head.1" medical tape had been wound around the open end about her throat, foiling any attempts to shake it off.It struck Bert as odd that her cheeks seemed to be puffed out for some reason.Time froze and so did Seagram, except for his eyes.

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It was the first time that Bertram had known that her secretary had a small, heart shaped space at the top of her legs.

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